Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Have not updated in quite awhile.

Lots going on in my life. Looking for a new job has kept me busy. Though that is probably on hold until next year, nobody hiring for the last few months of 2019 it seems.

I've experimented with going sober for an extended time and it has gone well. I've come to the conclusion that I am "thankfully" not an alcoholic. I just need to control my spending. Keeping less credit cards on me in my wallet so I don't buy dumb shit while drunk. I will be drinking less also but won't stop all together. I need to re-commit myself to my health for 2020. Ideally would like to drop around 50-75 pounds which will not be easy.

I've also realized that I have been holding myself to a higher standard. Which is good but I have always been my worst critic and a bit of a perfectionist. I've been getting better at forgiving myself which is a huge improvement. I would spiral for days after a bad purchase and not want to leave my apartment. But this has been going better.

Still as single as a slice of cheese though but hopefully that will change shortly. I know that to have a relationship with someone I have to first love myself which I have not been doing. I'm learning to love myself more and grow my relationship with God. I have a lot of improvement that I need to do in the next few years. Wish me luck.

And of course, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Friday, May 10, 2019


I've been doing more listening than talking lately and its been a blessing. As divided as we are politically, we all really are much closer than we think.

Don't let the haters out there rule your world. Be open and show compassion to your fellow man.

Just some self reflection I've been thinking about lately.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Been a while

I am still alive!!

I know it's been a hard minute since I've last updated. Been way too long.

I've been getting better at the guitar. Good enough to be able to play rhythm chords to some songs. I love my electric but there's just something about an acoustic that I really dig.

Work is up and down. I really need to build my resume and move on. There's no promotion chance for me at work. I need to spread my wings and fly.

There will be a follow up post soon.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Finally found my Haven

Its been too long since I have updated my blog. 2018 is almost over and I can't believe it. I know every year we say "This year has gone by so fast" but it really has. There's been a lot of changes recently at my office. People leaving and moving on. Luckily I am still employed but I am also thinking about moving on myself. I feel like my earning potential is greater than what I am currently receiving now. I have finally moved out from my parents to get my own place. I had been saving for a house but I got impatient and just decided to get an apartment. I needed the independence. I'm closer to my office now and I'm close enough to my parents that I can visit and check on them whenever I need to.

My guitar lessons have been going fantastic. I busted my first string on my electric but I'm told that is a common occurrence. I got that replaced and I'm back to practicing. I can actually strum along to different songs now which is awesome. I'm also learning to sing while playing which is another trial altogether. You basically have to have the playing down to muscle memory and just think about the next verse. Or have the verse down to memory and just think about playing. So that's something I am currently working on a few songs. I want to eventually write some original songs myself but that is much further down the road. Regardless, I am overjoyed with the progress that I have made in playing in just 2 short years.

I'm also trying to re-dedicate myself to a healthier lifestyle. I have been seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain. Its been improving but I also realize that I need to lose weight and treat my body better. I am going to cut out sugar and lower the amount of carbs I take in. Also going to give up alcohol which will not be easy. I will probably just end up scaling that way back to 1 drink a week. But I will try to give it up all together. I'm not waiting to make a New Years Resolution because that just BS. I need to start now. I'm getting older and my metabolism is slowing down. And sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day isn't helping me either.

I also plan to get more involved at my church. I live across the street now from my church so I am very close. I want to find some different ministries to assist in and grow closer to God. My spiritual journey hasn't always been a smooth one but I do believe that God has a plan for me. I just need to figure out what exactly that is and trust his guidance.

Wishing everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gun Control in America

I've been weighing whether or not to write a post on this particular topic for quite some time. Immediately after the Parkland shooting I felt tempers were too hot on both sides so I waited. This won't be long but just wanted voice my personal opinion with all the others.

First off, I am not a gun person. As weird as that sounds being a white male living in Texas, I am not. I have several friends who are though and I did go to a shooting range once for a friend's bachelor party. I can remember firing a higher caliber handgun and shaking afterwards. I remember thinking to myself, "How the hell is this fun? My nerves are shot!" I think I fired 1 more clip and that was enough for me. Now, with that being said, I think as Americans, we have a right to bear arms. I mean, that pesky 2nd amendment states it right there. So I don't take any issue with my friends who go to the range and shoot. If that's what they want to spend their money on, more power to them.

The particular tricky bit about the 2nd amendment however is the part about the "well regulated militia".  WTF does that mean? In 2018, the only type of "well regulated militias" that I know of are the armed forces. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard.

I guess all that I'm trying to say is that it's a tricky issue.  I understand that you should be able to protect your family with a gun. But is the family unit similar to a militia? Hmm...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday blues

  Thought I would update with another post now. Took a personal day at work today. No reason in particular, I could've gone. But with my parents off camping in Galveston with Rusty, I have the house to myself and wanted a day for myself as well.

Slept close to 10 hours last night, and I still felt dead today. Took care of some errands around the house. It's beautiful weather outside so it was very enjoyable today.

I think part of the reason I slept so much is because I am feeling a little down and depressed. I just am beginning to hate myself again. Hate that I am single. Hate that I'm fat. And it sucks. I know what I need to do. Hot the gym and continue going out on weekends and finding social events but it's hard. Lots of times I just want stay home and be on my PC or watch TV. I know that God has a plan for me but I'm still trying to figure out what that is.

All these sexual harassment charges being brought up in the news is truly stunning. Seeing these famous people being fired is truly stunning. I guess people tend to abuse power. And it is truly discusting seeing what some of these men have been accused of doing. They thought themselves invincible but they were wrong.  The thought of these women having to carry this baggage for so long is terrible. I am hopeful for the future though. Now that so many women have come forward, it should let others know that it's ok to speak out. And hopefully that will bring about change in the workplace.

Take care everyone. 2017 is almost over. Christmas and a new fresh year are just around the corner.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Houston Astros

This post has been a long time coming. I just wanted to take a chance to express my appreciation for everything the Houston Astros have done and how much they have meant to me in my life. IF you aren't a sports fan you might want to skip this post because it will probably quite long.

First of all, I never expected to say this next sentence. The Houston Astros are World Series Champions. The team that started out as the Houston Colt 45s way back in 1962 finally have won a championship. It might have taken longer than expected (55 years!!!) but it finally happened and for that I am eternally grateful.

I started loving the team back around 1988 or 89, when I was about 6 or 7. I can remember my parents taking my and my sister to games back at the old Astrodome. I still remember the first autograph I ever got. It was the Astros all star first baseman Glenn Davis. He was at Westwood mall which is now closed. It was amazing.

The Astros were always a decent team in the ninetys and aughts (2000-2010) largely in part to their 2 soon to be hall of famers, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell. I was a huge fan of both and enjoyed watching them play their whole careers for this franchise. They got close several times but never quite sealed the deal. Prior to this year, they only made the World Series 1 other time back in 2005. That team had Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, and Roy Oswalt anchoring down the starting rotation. After a stellar playoff capped my numerous exciting moments, they got swept in the World Series by the Chicago White Sox. The bats went ice cold, there's no other way to explain it. Both teams had dominant pitching but their offense was able to get a few more key hits in places than we did. My dad somehow got my tickets to that Game 5 in 2005. I had just graduated college and seeing my team in the World Series (as well as the Steelers Super Bowl win!!) was icing on the cake. Unfortunately it was bittersweet seeing the other team celebrate on our home field. Many Astros fans had sold their tickets and the stadium had a lot of White Sox fans. I have always kind of liked the White Sox also (it started with my research report in high school on Shoeless Joe Jackson) and I remember congratulating a random fan wearing White Sox apperal, but it did sting because you never know when the next time you will be able to make it back there to the championship game. The season is so long and you never know how injuries will play out.

After failing that year, they didn't get back. They tried to reload with veterans while selling the farm system and it never happened. A new owner bought the team later and then the team switched leagues. After growing up watching nothing but National League baseball, it was very odd to see them play with a DH (designated hitter that bats for the pitcher). We were now direct rivals with the Texas Rangers which I thought was kind of cool, but it was all so different. Those first years after we switched leagues starting in 2013 were very rough. 100 loss seasons and low attendance. Being a big baseball fan though, I was optimistic. We have a new owner, a new GM in Jeff Luhnow who I really liked a lot coming from the Cardinals, and the minor league system was finally being rebuilt. We signed Jose Altuve and Dallas Keuchel, we drafted high (those high picks came from the losing seasons) and signed George Springer, Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers, Alex Bregman, etc. Seeing these young guys progress was very exciting, even if it didn't translate to wins and losses yet.

Signs of life started to appear starting in 2015. They made the playoffs for the first time in a very long time. They won the 1 game wild card playoff with the Yankees but then lost the series to the eventual champions, the Kansas City Royals. I went to Game 4 where I saw us lose the lead and bullpen collapse. We lost 9-6 and went on to lost Game 5 in KC. The following year in 2016 they had an off year. There's no other excuse, the team just didn't play well. The finished the year at a respectable 84-78 but it wasn't good enough to get into the playoffs. Then this year came.

The 2016 off season started with some huge Free Agent signings. They signed Josh Reddick and Brian McCann, both former All-stars. They then signed back Carlos Beltran. He was much older now but he played for the team back in 2004. I could be wrong but I still believes he holds the Astros franchise record for most homeruns in the postseason. The team looked like it was starting to jell and they went into spring training with a very clear goal, win a championship. Keuchel was coming off a bad 2016 after winning the Cy Young award in 2015. Altuve was still looking absolutely dominant. Springer was looking awesome and Bregman looked to have a lot of talent that was just finally coming together. They had a dominant first half and went into the break with the best record in baseball. Then they had a huge slump in August and somehow were able to pull off a trade for Justin Verlander before the waiver deadline ended. I was absolutely shocked. Being that we didn't pull of a trade before the trade deadline, I just assumed that we were going to finish the year with the team we have and see where it takes us. Now that we have Verlander and September was starting (last month of the regular season), it was getting real.

The main team that I was worried about in the playoffs was Cleveland. They won 20+ games in a row during the regular season and seemed to be on fire. Luckily for us, they lost out to the Yankees. We beat the Red Sox and Yankees and faced the LA Dodgers in the World Series. It was the first time since 1970 that 2 teams faced each other in the World Series that each won over 100 games in the regular season. These 2 teams were absolute juggernauts and I knew that it was not going to be easy. Especially for the fact that LA had home field advantage.

Long story short, we won in 7 games. We won. I still can't believe those words. After years of being a Houston sports fan in general and not winning a championship in any sport since 94-95 with the back to back titles the Houston Rockets won, we are once again a championship city. This one was for you Kimberly (my sister who passed away in 93), this one was for you Keven (my brother who passed away in 2014), this one was for the city of Houston and all the people that lost property and possessions from Hurricane Harvey. This one was for Mattress Mack, who generously opened his doors during the storm to people seeking shelter and food. This one was for all of us. We are all champions. We are Houston Strong!